Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hofmann's Crash

I was at MotoGP racing this weekend, having fun with my camera. One of the photos I captured was Alex Hofmann's crash during free practice in MotoGP, when he was T-boned by Sylvain Guintoli on the enterance to the corkscrew.

I was using a rental lense on my Canon XTi, with a deliberately long shutter speed (1/200) to increase the sensation of speed and depth of field.

The full sequence is here.

I've released theses photos under a BSD-style (aka Creative Commons style) license. Since I'm just an amateur having fun, it is better to just get my name out there, and to maximize the number of people who go "Hey, thats a cool photo".


nsk said...

You could achieve much higher proliferation of your photos if you chose a standard licence such as GFDL or CC. Question: Do your licensing terms permit derivative works?

Nicholas Weaver said...

"Free with attribution for ANY use". This of course includes derivative uses. Simple english is a wonderful thing.

The problem with "Creative Commons" is there IS no one liscence, there is a ton of liscences, and refer to someone else's possibly changeable document unless you are very clever

I know of people who were shocked by GPLv3 and now realize that "GPLv2 or later" is setting an undefined pointer which is controlled by someone else.

Eva Maryam said...
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