Sunday, June 19, 2005

Coming Soon...

The disadvantage of doing a content-only blog, or attempting one, is that content CREATION is vastly harder than content referencing, especially when one has a day job.

Nevertheless, there are some upcoming rants/topics that I plan on pursuing in the near term. This is a preview.

"Stupid VM Tricks", or why you should hold off on infrastructure upgrades. How to leverage upcomming VM-friendly x86s and open-source software to build Windows networks with quick recovery, built in security primitives, ease of managemement, and easy patch rollout and rollback.

"Stupid VLAN Tricks", or why you should make sure that your switches are VLAN capable. The use of VLANs as sophisticated management and response tools for intrusion response and prevention.

"Home Users and Worm Defense". The one page of recommendations for home users to make their systems more secure.

"Consumer-Grade High-Tech Weapons". We have seen "consumer-grade" (cheap, plentiful) weapons (AK47, RPG) in the hands of our enemies. Might there be high-tech consumer-grade weapons? What might they look like?

"Attacking Document Collaboration". What changes should be made easy to use in Word/Word Perfect to prevent some pretty insidious attacks during contract creation/other collaboration with possibly hostile parties.

"Passive Resistance to Stupid Security". So much 'security' these days is ridiculous theater. ID checks and a fair amount of the airport security screening process is one of them. I'll describe some experiments in very simple, by the book passive resistance against these stupidities.

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